Miss Ayla Ertürk

Company HfG Offenbach


Born 18.10.1981 in Darmstadt, Germany

Imagination, aesthetics and the will to create new things, help me to follow my dream of connecting beauty with utility.

I was born in Germany, but am of Turkish-Muslim heritage. Two cultures, two religions, two languages and two nationalities, formed my personal and occupational life. My intention is to create a connection between cultures in terms of design. Design as a communication medium, to present wants and needs of people of different cultures in a comprehensible way.  

2005 I began to study product design at the “Hochschule für Gestaltung“ in Offenbach am Main, Germany. During my first four semesters I gained a basic knowledge of what it means to be and to work as a designer. I broadened my horizon by being interested in and doing a variety of design works.   

2007 the project „Reflecting Waters – Intercultural Design“ by the international design platform IPPO, aroused my interest. Influenced by my culture and driven by the desire for change to happen, I collaborated with my student colleague Svantje Fenz on the project  “Wudu – Ritual Cleansing in Islam. This project was supported greatly by our professors Mrs. Kellner and Mr. Bertsch.

On completion of this project I received a scholarship from DAAD in the form of a student exchange program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Miss Fenz and I also received a first place award of the much respected “Pininfarina – Förderpreis 2008“ in the category industrial design.

Currently I am absolving an exchange semester with my student colleague Lisa Kelso at the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial ESDI/UREJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project we are working on is “Taxi – sustainable group transport systems, another international IPPO project.

School Design projects:

Packaging Design, Medical Equipment, Furniture, Conceptual Interior Design, Intercultural Design

Design projects and development in collaboration with designers:

Angela Carvalho NCS Design Rio de Janeiro (August 2008 – January 2009)


Exchange Semester (August 2008 – December 2008)
Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial ESDI/UREJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach/Main (since October 2005)
Pre-Diploma: Medical Equipment (Summer 2007)


Scholarship DAAD Unibral 2008; Exchange Program with Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pininfarina Förderpreis 2008 your design for future
1. Place in the category “Industrial Design” with “Wudu – Ritual Cleansing in Islam”


Ambiente Frankfurt 2009
Exhibiton of several Projects from HfG Students; “Wudu – Ritual Cleansing in Islam”

IMM Cologne 2009
Exhibition of several Projects from HfG Students; “Wudu – Ritual Cleansing in Islam”

Symposium “Reflecting Waters” (July 2008) in the Allessa Factory, Offenbach/Main
“Wudu – Ritual Cleansing in Islam”

MORGEN Fine Furniture & Fine Arts (February 2008) in MORGEN Gallery, Frankfurt/Main
“Gebäude erzählen Geschichten – Conceptual Interior Design for the Ostpol building in Offenbach am Main”
Project: Launderette & Café 306090°

Software Skills:

Rhino 4D (3D Modeling)
V-Ray (Rendering)
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Mechanical Skills:

3D Modeling (prototypes)
Silkscreen (printing on textiles and papers)


Turkish (native language)
German (native language)
English (fluent in spoken and written)
Portuguese (basic knowledge)

Nature oriented & symbolic design, Sustainable Design, Medical Equipments, Interior Design

Internship in Istanbul, Turkey; Collaboration with designers from different cultures


„Every culture and religion harbors secret treasure troves in itself, which play an enormous role in peoples lives. As a designer and a human being, I want to see, discover and understand these aspects and allow myself to be influenced by these phenomena in my aesthetic design development. My intentions are to shine a light on prejudices, understanding and respecting other cultures, to build a new future with designers from all across the world.”