Miss Anna Seibel

Company HfG Offenbach
ZIP & city 63477 Maintal
Address konrad-Höhl-Strasse 10


anna seibel ( *nov 83 in offenbach)
began studying at the product design department at HfG offenbach in 2004. during her first 4 semesters time she did projects together with: prof. petra kellner and prof. peter eckart (experimentations, symbolism and indication), prof. siglinde spanihel (furniture systems), prof. nicola stattmann (polytronic / electrical equipment), prof. heike selmer (fashion / sports).

after her pre-diploma she spent 6 months at ENSCI / les ateliers (ensci.com) in paris, france where she was happy to visit the atelier of laurent massaloux (massaloux.net / radidesigners.com).
to complete the stay in france she did another 2-months internship at the paris based agency centdegrés (centdegres.com) which is specified in packaging & flaconnage, visual I.D., product design, architecture and publishing.

after her return anna participated in the following projects:
reflecting waters- airlounge (prof. georg bertsch / prof. petra kellner), inflight equipment for virgin atlantic (LSG design team daniel knies/ volker klag / prof. peter eckart), new pitcher solutions for BRITA (Brita marketing / prof. peter eckart / prof. georg bertsch).
in 2008 she did another 4-months internship at newcruise. this hamburg based agency is highly specialised in yacht design and development where anna learnt the major principles and techniques in this sector. in summer 2009 she will begin with her diploma at HfG offenbach.

studying design – making design is a precious property for all designers because it is an important fact in everyone's daily life. in my mind design is a constantly absorbing and reflecting of your environment which might be created by nature, by habits, cities, humans and your friends. to make good design is to reflect on things in a certain way –maybe others won't. I think to be positive and to stroll life with open eyes and connecting interesting single parts of your experiences with the case lying on your desk which has to be solved is a good base for a good creation.