Mr. Emin Durak

Phone 539 335 0737
Address Istanbul Technical University, Taskisla – Taksim Istanbul


Design shall not be compartmentalized from the other aspects of intellect.
It shall be taken in account of ‘Whole’ or ‘Unity’ of Existence..

Technology has shaped the human life in every aspect since he existed. It has been a huge evolution developed in contribution of all circulated civilizations. No single technological product belongs %100 to no single being or no single society.
My near past and future is directed by throwing the tentacles of my mind into various different aspects of intellect. I like to apply religious-art in seating design in order to make one ‘think’, or present a different way of social life with conceptually developed sofa, or use a bio-luminescent sea animal in lighting design in order to reflect the joy of existence - from the very deep of nature into the technology at the street.
In this case, I find myself working on social development projects in the future; in order to build a better and more beautifully functioning sustainability of products & systems and innovatively more provident solutions for energy sources, probably contributed with politics.

I was born in a small town - Nigde, located in well known - Hellenic ancient city called Cappadocia. It should be due to my father’s job-being bus driver through cities in the whole country; that I’ve always been extremely interested in traveling. In consequences of this restlessness, I’ve lived in California for 8 months and in Greece for 1 year, traveled around Europe, Turkey and Middle East which gave me a lot; especially after waiting in the huge lines of every Consulate for numerous times as a consequence of an inevitable destiny of having a Turkish Passport.

Living in a such city as Istanbul, makes your 1 day as fulfilled as 5 days of another person living in a normal town. You unconsciously become updated very hectically that you don’t even notice how much you are lost in this chaos called ‘civilization’. Thus, expanding my perspective to gain more inter-cultural sensibility have been both the goal and the process of my life, by being experienced of the supernaturally socio-cultural status of the city of Istanbul.