Mrs. Angela Maria Furtado de Carvalho

Company ncs Design


Associate and CEO of NCS Design Rio ( Rio de Janeiro- Brazil).

Designer (56 years old) born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in 1977 with an Industrial Design and a Graphic Design degree at ESDI (School Of Industrial Design).

Lived for 12 years in Europe, where she has worked and studied.

Specialization Degree in Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano (Milan – Italy)

Scholarship at the Krupp Foundation in Gemany.

From 1983 to 1985, worked at the "Institut für Möbel Design" in Stuttgart, Germany

In 1988 founded, with Alex Neumeister , NCS Design Rio in Brazil.

Integrated many national and international juries, having been the first Brazilian woman to be invited  (twice) to integrate the very selected group of jurors of the IF Design Award in Hannover, Germany.

Has been the international correspondent for Form, the renowned german design magazine, having also contributed as an author of many articles in the design specialized press, both in Brazil and abroad.

Invited Professor at both Marketing MBA and Administration MBA Courses at COPPEAD and at the Marketing Master Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

Is also a Lecturer with an vast experience in seminars and workshops in Brazil and Europe.

At NCS Design, performs as a Consultant and Project Manager.

Ventilador de Teto Aliseu, IF Design Hannover, 1994
1º premio na categoria casa

Pedal Controler de Máquinas de Costura
 IF Design Hannover, 1998
1º premio na categoria eletrodomésticos

Cofre Eletrônico
IF Design Hannover 2000
Seleção de Produtos Eletrônicos

Postos BR Petrobrás
“Prêmio Selo Rio com Design”, 1996

Ventilador de Teto Aliseu
 9º Prêmio “Museu da Casa Brasileira”, 1995

Pedal Controler de Máquinas de Costura
10º Prêmio “Museu da Casa Brasileira”, 1996

Máquina de Lavar Roupa Futura da Enxuta
9º Prêmio “Museu da Casa Brasileira”
Menção Honrosa, 1995

Artesanato Brasil com Design
Prêmio “Marketing Best Responsabilidade Social”, 2004

Nova Identidade Corporativa da Caixa
ABMN, Associação Brasileira de Marketing e Negócios, 1ºpremio, 1997

House of Lloyds
ABMN, Associação Brasileira de Marketing e Negócios, 1ºpremio, 2000

Embalagens Davene
EMBANEWS - Prêmio Brasileiro de Embalagem, 1998.

Embalagens de Papéis Xerox
ABRACOMP – V Prêmio Promoção do Rio de Janeiro