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Fabio Lopez holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from Esdi, Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial / UERJ (2000) and a master’s degree in Design, also from Esdi (2009).

Since 1998 he works researching and developing digital typefaces, which he makes use of in his projects. Lopez works as a freelance designer in typography, fashion and corporate identity projects. He's had works shown in national and international publications as well as exhibitions, such as Letras Latinas, ADG (Brasil) Graphic Design Biennial, Experimenta Design, 100% Design Tokyo and Seoul Design Week.

Fabio develops the course ‘Typofreaks – different typography’, directed to professional designers and students, at the studio/school Estúdio Marimbondo. He works as a collaborator teacher at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), advising design students about Naming and Branding.

In 2007 Fabio caused controversy when he published in a blog the project War in Rio, which broaches the matter of violence in Rio de Janeiro in a creative and unusual manner. The project was highlighted in the press and in the Internet, through personal blogs and design, variety and news web pages.

Lopez also photographs, manages a blog about Dutch graphic design and writes and draws on his sketchbooks.

video clip with some works: <>