Miss Prof. a.c. Juliane Stiegele

Company University of Bolzano_Italy__Faculty of Design and Art University of Art and Design_Helsinki_Finland
Phone 00 49 821 15 17 32
Mobile 0162 51 94 507
Website http://www.juliane-stiegele.de




Process-oriented  works in public space, Installation and Video are the creative areas I am most interested in. My work I consider as kind of a research enterprise to question and understand the changing interrelations between man and the world.

The continuous fostering of my own and others` perception appears a red thread through my work  – a reflected perception considered as a grounding human resource for a responsible contribution to the society I am living in.

The subjects of my interest move between the delights and troubles of the public society context observed in a highly civilized environment, the relation between people, woman and man, between human beings and the world of animals, between order and disorder.

In test arrangements, I react artistically to questions that arise or to inconsistencies in my own and others’ lives, to innovations in different fields, to utopias – individual and collective ones.

Individual work as well as collaborations with others seem fundamental to me. My curiosity is part of a dialogue with a cultural diversity of points of view which are able to put one’s own image of the world into perspective in such a bracing way. 

Furthermore, an integral part of my work is teaching, which I consider to be a sculptural, creative process. My status I would  define as the one of a teaching person and the same time a notorious life-long student. It is all a matter of curiosity.

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A few projects

The total clearing of a church interior to create emptiness allowing inner images of people to appear: the lack of something – the space for something

Base camp_
Comprises a truckload of equipment for an imaginary expedition. Living installation in progress

A tank made of plastic is continuously melting away. Video work

The Catastrophe Institute_ 
Questioning the conditions of catastrophe, human-made, and natural ones, as well as catastrophe prevention. Community-based project in collaboration  with Kelli Mc Cluskey and Steve Bull, Australia

Eating Squazer_
A meadow of 2500sqm is mown in squares of 2m and left over to a herd of cows. The work is part of a series, leaving human systems of order to animals and learn how they deal with it

A few projects realised together with students

Space for a time_ Questioning the conditions of homes, of feeling at home Creating spaces for the minimal need of ones own body

Instant no-cost interventions in public space within two hours of time.

Pneumatic spaces_
conditions of their minimal and maximal extension experienced in  public spaces.

In my eyes in your eyes_
 Performative photography

Moving spaces_
Creating a mobile space to carry ones own body for at least 10m until it may crash
Selection of Group exhibitions_ 

2009 Go Eun Museum__Pusan__Korea____Photo speaks
2006 Museum of Contemporary Art_Shanghai_China____Restless
2004 Sculpture Center_New York_USA____In Practice
2003 International Installation Art Festival_Kaohsiung_Taiwan

Solo exhibitions_           

2007 Moritz Chuch_Augsburg____Void
2006 IASKA International Art Space_Australien____The Catastrophe Institute
2005 Meininger Museums – Elisabethenburg Castle_Meiningen___Base Camp 3

Performances und Actions_

2009 Constellations__Stadthaus Ulm___with European Music Project         
2007 Between The Lines_Church_Augsburg__with Gert Anklam
2007 The Alarm Clock Concert_Münsterplatz Ulm_performed for arte–tv
2003 Stopover_Taipei Artist Village Gallery_Taiwan

Awards and grants_

2008 Artheon Award           
2007 Sydney College of Arts_Australia_Artist in Residency
2003 Residency_Bureau of Cultural Affairs_Taiwan

Works in public collections_
Muicipal Museum_ City of Munich_
H2-Center for Contemporary Art_ Augsburg_
Duke University Durham N.C., USA_
Museum of Contemporary Art Lviv, Ukraine_
University of Applied Sciences_ Landshut_Germany


2008 – 10  Professor a.c., University of Bolzano_Italy_ Faculty of Design and Art
2006 – 10  University of Art and Design, Helsinki_ Finland

2006          Visiting Professor_ Taipei National University of Arts_Taiwan
2009          Visiting Professor_ Shih Chien University of Art&Design__Taipeh_Taiwan
1990 – 2007
Bauhaus Dessau_ Bauhaus University Weimar_ Yildiz Technic University Istanbul_ University of Applied Sciences_ Augsburg_ Faculty of Architecture
University of Augsburg_

Some Publications_

2009          Void__ Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
2006          Basislager drei___Meininger Museen Thüringen
2004          Expect the Unexpected___Städtische Kunstsammlungen Augsburg