Mr. B. Des. Marcello Halfeld

Mobile +5521 92491528


Marcello Halfeld was born in 1986 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in 2009 at Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial - UERJ (Rio de Janeiro). In 2008 was awarded an scholarship from CAPES/DAAD in the UNIBRAL program for a semester study at HfG Offenbach am Main.
Most recently, his graduation project “Relocatable classroom for disaster-affected zones” was awarded as a highlight project at Mostra Jovens Designers (Young Designers Exhibit, Brazil) and was selected for the Product/Industrial Design Student Exhibit at the 2nd Ibero American Design Biennial (Madrid, Spain).

Marcello has worked as a designer in a factory managing the production of point of sale and art objects. As an intern, worked with office furniture, electronics and took part as a researcher in the Motolab, a joint project between Motorola Mobile Devices and ESDI.