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Lectures from the 2. International Reflecting Waters Symposium.

Information about the speakers and their topics at the reflecting waters symposium.


21.01.2010 OTHER

Darius worked as a consultant and assistant in the TAXI project (in the Offenbach and the Istanbul part of the project). He contributed a wide range of experience from throughout the industry. But he nevetheless contributed also a design, one of those that makes you shiver and say: wow, this is something that really leaps ahead: It eats CO2 and it serves as public furniture.

Miss Ayla Ertürk

09.07.2008 OTHER

Ayla Ertuerk and Svantje Fenz' lecture on their project Wudu ritual cleasing for islamic women 1.8 MB

Mrs. Angela Maria Furtado de Carvalho

16.07.2008 OTHER

Learning from each other
Experiences in Sustainable Design in Brazil


Designers can contribute to transform the reality (global and local) if they are open-minded to understand that industrialization is not the only answer to the human development.

Angela Carvalho (CEO from NCS Design Rio ­ Brazil) will show how the experience with handcrafts communities from all over Brazil and with teenagers from Sao Paulo¹s slums can be an inspiration to create new ways to share know how and to do a inclusive and sustainable design that can enhance the quality of people´s life.

Mr. Dipl.Des Nico Sebastian Hopp

08.07.2008 OTHER

Nico Hopp's lecture on water aesthetics and new technological horizons for design with water

Mr. Prof. Dr. Hans Leo Höger

08.07.2008 OTHER

Hans Hoeger's shocking report on Southern Italian ecological conditions, mafia-activities in toxic garbage dumping and lethal water pollution. An important lecture. 5.5 MB

Miss Lisa Adriana Kelso

18.07.2008 OTHER

Shower Pearls_ Creating a Sensual Experience in Public Swimming Pools

Swimming is a great recreational sport. However, most people do not know that they carry thousands of bacteria into the pool with them. To combat these bacteria most public swimming pools use chlorine to sanitize the water. Chlorine is very effective in this way, but its use can also be hazardous to ones health.
To minimize the use of chlorine in public swimming pools, it would be most effective for the swimmers to shower thouroughly before entering the pool, thus carrying less bacteria and dirt with them.
“Shower Pearls” is a concept to create a sensual shower experience before swimming. Taking a shower before you swim should be a given, but many people do not do so. The Shower Pearls consist of three shower modules, which one must go through before entering the pool.
They are geared towards three different shower experiences: one shower has massaging shower heads on each side, in another one experiences the sensations of a rain shower and the last is more of a fun shower, where the water comes from the bottom, an upside down shower.
The layout of the shower and locker rooms is such, that you can only enter the pool area by crossing through the Shower Pearls. In this way people must take a shower before swimming.

Mr. Sanjeev Shankar

08.07.2008 OTHER

Sanjeev Shankar's lecture on Indian community activity in the restoration of traditional water harvesting and basic thoughts on political behaviour/activities for designers in the context of social engineering.  

Mr. Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Wilken

08.07.2008 OTHER

Rolf-Dieter Wilkens' lecture on water-aesthetics analysis and water pollution with pharmaceutical substances. 4.1 MB