Sustainable GROUP transport systems • Taxi as a metaphor (since 2007)

TAXI – sustainable group transport systems © IPPO, 2007

TAXI is the second project of the International Project Platform Offenbach
(IPPO), which Prof. Petra Kellner and I have started in July 2007 at
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach

One specific and basic aspect of IPPO's projects is the multinational
approach. We worked on this TAXI-project in Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and
the Frankfurt region.

We did a symposium about the future of the car at Ruesselsheim in summer 2009 during the car crisis. (see file in archive)

TAXI is about sustainable transport systems. Concerning it' theoretical
Background it is based on the chapters "speed" and "mobility" in "In the
bubble" (2005) by John Thackara.

In Istanbul (Oct 20-26 2007) we analyzed the different land and water
based TAXI systems, individual taxis, group taxi, short distance, long
distance, different telecommunication models and systems and made a series of roposals for future improvent.

We analyzed the different motorization types, like muscle power
(bicycle), Diesel, Otto/Wankel, Electro, E85, Hybrid motorization concerning
their pros and cons in an urban and metropolitan TAXI context. Concerning
the motorization consultancy this at this state of the project we have
already involved a vehicle motorization specialist, Mr Dipl. Ing. Tobias
Gebhardt of GM/Opel here in Frankfurt.

The students in the project learned about strategy analysis, field
research, presentation and formulation of creative briefings, they also
created and propose objects/elements that can be used right away in a
contemporary taxi context.

The taxi magazine Hello Taxi published a series of of projects over more than one year (see archive)


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14.03.2012 21:36 OTHER

Documentation of our symposium in Ruesselsheim. It was a great venue an is worth looking at (German only) Part 1

14.03.2012 21:23 IMAGE

Iman's taxi concept for photovoltaic roof-taxi for arid sunny regiosn with a double-function as shade-dispenser and photovoltaic collector

14.03.2012 21:20 IMAGE

Taxi-project team at ITÜ Istanbul

14.03.2012 21:14 OTHER

Hello Taxi's report on our CO2-filter taxi by Darius Zieba

13.03.2012 18:41 OTHER

Tilmann Schlootz`Snook, still an amazing, technically challenging project

05.12.2010 23:17 OTHER

TUK TUK 3.0 | by Benjamin Veit

05.12.2010 23:13 OTHER

SNOOK | by Tilmann Schlootz

05.12.2010 23:12 OTHER

SK8 | by Raphael Krug


05.12.2010 23:07 OTHER

FAVO | by Lisa Kelso and Ayla Ertürk


05.12.2010 22:59 OTHER

SILVER LINE | by Lisa Kelso

Lisa´s service-concept is a project to afford elderly people to travel adequately and comfortable in everyday life. No new ambulancesystem or the like, but rather a special offer with thematical ensembles like kidney tables, elvis presley and reconstruction.

05.12.2010 22:40 OTHER

ARIBIA | by Irene Shamma and Alexandros Tsolakis

Flying taxi? In São Paulo it´s still reality, other  metropolises will follow: the helicopter will become part of our ordinary taxisystem. The projekt ARIBIA, developed by our London workmates Irene Shamma and Alexandros Tsolakis, describes a puplic aircraft network with a highly grade of flexibility and ecological understatement.

05.12.2010 22:14 OTHER

OXYGEN | by Darius Zieba

"No emission is not enough! Filtration  is uprising..." With this few words, Darius Zieba gives an impression of the features, his transportation-concept OXYGEN is predicated on.

27.11.2010 17:18 OTHER

Tilmann's project has been awardes several times. As a contribution to the taxi project we have publised it at Hallo Taxi. It is technically and designwise a supeior project.

22.02.2010 07:26 OTHER

Raphael's proposal for an inner city/beach runner to jump on, stems from his own dedication to skate-boarding. It's a fascinating idea taking in consideration such remote aspects as London buses, skate boards and Indian Suburb-trains.

22.01.2010 07:53 OTHER

Here it is: our documentation of the Istanbul "TAXI as a sustainable group transport system" 10/09 with students from Germany, Turkey, China, Iran and the Netherlands. Petra has created a wonderful file with sums up all projects and gives an clear idea of the concentrated and creative atmosphere. You'll find lots of freah ideas how to cope with everyday problems in the group transport sector. Enjoy!

21.01.2010 21:19 OTHER

Here you find the new Corporate Design of our conference "The future of the Car?" June 6th 2010. The Corporate Design is about to be launched by end of January 2010 together with the information material about the conference. You'll find a permanent update of our activities at IPPO in the future.

21.01.2010 19:11 OTHER

Lisa' s approch to offering structurally well organised and reasobale transport facilities for elderly people, the silver generation, ended up in a complex while easily understandable system of integrated services. When I got old one day I'd like to see it installed all over the place.

21.01.2010 18:50 OTHER

Darius worked as a consultant and assistant in the TAXI project (in the Offenbach and the Istanbul part of the project). He contributed a wide range of experience from throughout the industry. But he nevetheless contributed also a design, one of those that makes you shiver and say: wow, this is something that really leaps ahead: It eats CO2 and it serves as public furniture.

21.01.2010 18:45 OTHER

Benny's Tuk Tuk reconsiders all the positive aspects of these little multi-talents. His project has widely been hailed as an innovative outcome. Mr Ellenrieder of Mercedes sees it a as design step full of potentials

21.07.2009 12:00 URL
05.05.2009 19:23 OTHER

This is the  context scenario presentation on TAXI as it was presented in Rio beginning of April 2009 and in Offenbach for the Mercedes co-operation end of April. Its a big file (5.4 MB) but its worth downloading as it gives an overview of the context in which we are thinking and planning

19.03.2009 21:28 OTHER

A comprehensive report on our TAXI sustainable group transport activities with Rio, including some impressions of Georg's first taxi project in Istanbul 2007 and our winter semester 08/09 seminar in Offenbach.

17.10.2008 12:42 OTHER

TAXI general introduction. Lecture from Rio de Janeiro, 21st of September 08, which Georg gave as an introduction to the methods of IPPO and in order to raise questions and spark a discussion.

17.10.2008 11:55 OTHER

Results Offenbach SS 08, Taxi Charts with short documentation of the single researches.

10.06.2008 08:11 URL
10.06.2008 08:10 URL
29.05.2008 19:54 OTHER

A comprehensive article on the actual state of art in electro-cars. Read it! WELT 16.5.2008

27.05.2008 14:56 URL
27.05.2008 14:03 OTHER

Ayla's research on neccessities and needs for the driver's workplace in a taxi. 

25.05.2008 18:59 OTHER

A brief overview of all aspects needed for an ideal taxi-system according to our analysis in the Offenbach section of the project. 

27.04.2008 17:39 URL
26.04.2008 09:09 URL
13.04.2008 13:40 URL
13.04.2008 13:19 OTHER

Devesh Mistry's reflections on rikshas, public health in India, interactive traffic systems and a sustainable use of energy are worth reading twice!

30.03.2008 13:27 IMAGE

These long-distance dolmus-busses start at Uskudar on the asian side of Istanbul. They cover distances up to 100 km into the countryside. They are well-equipped for off-road purposes and snowy winters. The trip is cheap and the frequence of starts is pretty high. 

14.03.2008 07:21 URL
21.02.2008 17:57 OTHER Brazil. TAXI - sustainable group transport will be a parallel, simultaneous project of HFG Offenbach and ESDI Rio de Janeiro starting in summer 2008. It is an important project for all of us – but not the first contact between us. Beside a series of personal contacts, former workshops and the fascinating context of our advisory board member Angela Cravalho, there has been a great research and study trip which has helped to establish deeper contacts that foster the actual project. 
16.11.2007 18:42 OTHER (1.3 MB) This is the lecture Georg gave in Istanbul as a start for the first project of TAXI – sustainable group transport systems. He gives an overview of all of the aspects. Several of them have been coverend by one of the seven groups working on the topic at Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (Oct 21-26th2007). The paper contains a series of concepts and questions about future transport systems for urban environments.
05.11.2007 19:15 URL

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These long-distance dolmus-busses start at Uskudar on the asian side of Istanbul. They cover distances up to 100 km into the countryside. They are well-equipped for off-road purposes and snowy winters. The trip is cheap and the frequence of starts is pretty high. 


Iman's taxi concept for photovoltaic roof-taxi for arid sunny regiosn with a double-function as shade-dispenser and photovoltaic collector